About Us

LaFayette was established in 1982 at Del Alamo Fashion center in Torrance, California by the Naim Family. In 1982, LaFayette specialized in carrying high end after-five evening gowns, suits, and dresses. Soon thereafter, Lafayette started carrying fur and leather coats and jackets.


The Philosophy of carrying high end clothing and furs at low prices contributed to the immediate success of Lafayette. Within a few years LaFayette expanded its stores to all major malls in Southern California.


LaFayette primarily became known for its exceptional furs offered at reasonable prices. Customers were shocked when they purchased coats that were selling in Beverly Hills for $15,000 for under $3,000. Due to the overwhelming demand for such exquisite fur coats, LaFayette began manufacturing its own coast in the East.

Since 1985 LaFayette has been manufacturing fur coats. Lafayette has a team of designers in Italy and France who collaborate together for the most unique and lasting designs. The fur is then purchased from different parts of the world depending on the type of fur. The coats are then manufactured in Hong Kong, where labor is inexpensive and craftsmanship is of high quality.

Most high-end manufacturers manufacture their fur coats in the East. This enables the suppliers to bring high quality fur coats to the customers at reasonable prices.

Ever since LaFayette started manufacturing its own furs, our prices have become even more competitive because there is no middle man. We make the fur coats and sell directly to our customers. Other furriers generally purchase their fur coats from vendors who purchase them from the manufacturers. We cut out the vendor who generally takes a 100% markup.